Kinetic UX TextArea multi line

When you bind a Text Area to a multi-line field delimited by \r\n the UI doesn’t seem to respect it.

I wrote a function to turn the tilde delimitd address into a newline formatted address. It returns as shown

Yet when I bind it to a Text Area it doesn’t respect the new lines

However in other screens (PO Entry) Epicor “base” has the same mechanism and yet that works.

Any ideas? @hmwillett @Ishkaran ?

Troubleshooting with @hmwillett figured it out.

Update-Row has two properties Expression and Value

Turn out if you use Expression it “works” (as in it gets the data but there must be some other “magic” happening behind the scenes)

Once I moved that to Value to worked fine

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Value is what I’ve been using since 2021.1. As of 2021.2, the expression field is new, so I’m not entirely sure what the purpose is.
Stick to using the value for now.

@Ishkaran – can you weigh in on what the new expression field is for since it does seem to (almost) work the same?

If i had a guess it lets you manipulate that result a bit more (via the expression) but it seems to (for some reason) to lose my breaks!

That actually sounds awesome if you’ve got some basic calcs you want to do without creating a function for it.




@josecgomez - yes you figured it out :slight_smile:

Another, use-case that we had in mind is making it easier to setup events like the screenshot below. All the row-update actions are actually updating the same column.

Instead of the branching to True / False paths, the whole event can be condensed into just a single row-update with Expression as {Device.Parity} === 0 ? ‘none’ : {Device.Parity} === 1 ? ‘odd’ : ‘even’ and epbinding as TransView.Scale_ParityString


Ooo, I like this very much!

Sorry to renew an old post, but I was noticing that you had a formatted address but it appears that your newlines didn’t come across. Did you get that resolved? If so, what was needed?


Thanks so much @hmwillett !
However, the return from the function doesn’t appear to be working. Here is the code I am using:

I am using row-update and simply putting the value into a field, but the “\n” (and Environment.NewLine) does not create the carriage return.

Also, I am looking at using the Erp.Internal.Lib.FormatAddr instead, but haven’t had a chance to dive in.

Put it in the value instead of expression.


You rock! (But, I suppose you knew that :smile: )

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