Kinetic UX Tip of the Day

I think you can click the < or > too.

We have a keyboard shortcut that navigates next/back through the lowest level record on the page (the last dropdown in the crumb bar) so in your pic here it would navigate to line 2, 3, … We for some reason did not make this run on the top level record though so it doesn’t currently work for switching whole sales orders here only drilldowns. We are planning to return and fix that as a bug no need to file anything it’s already known.



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@bconner to this point, why wouldn’t the shortcuts work for this scenario? The invoice header is the lowest level. Is that because the other invoices aren’t a part of this record, so the shortcuts traverse like there’s only one record?

Yeah it’s just a bug in the technical design for this feature. The list of selected records is a different data view from the one being operated on for all the others and the code wasn’t written to understand this distinction so it just thinks there’s no record list to switch right now becuase in the active record data view, there isn’t.