Kinetic UX Tip of the Day

So I just sat there with my mouth like :astonished: and learned from @timshuwy that the cumb bar has navigation between records built in kinetic UX akin to this

I feel like NOBODY knew this? I’ve been using this thing for months and I didn’t realize it, so here’s my good deed for the day


Tip # 2
Info Messages now have a Checkbox Called Debug Mode Only

If you check it, the message box will ONLY be displayed if your BPM is in Debug mode. So you can leave your messages in the BPM .#YouAreWelcome


Nice finds!! And thanks for the PSA!

HEY! Giving away my secrets?!


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#3 if you want to skip blocks of code for debugging use the precompile directives to either block off the code or create flags

A couple variant ways to use or mix and match using the new directives

Not real code below per say but demonstration of how you might use each method.

Anything between #if DEBUG and #else or #endif will only be COMPILED when debug is checked. This means if debug is not checked auto complete nor syntax check will work in the block of code. Likewise anything between the #else and #endif that may be your production non debug code will not syntax check while in debug mode.

I use this for things like if I need to debug out positive pay output if there is trouble in production I can just throw it in debug and test the export without allowing the upload code to run.


Good Deed for the Day noted.

Of course, this implies this will be a daily occurrence…

@josecgomez - I tried the crumb bar navigation dropdown it for Job Entry, and mine is showing a list of all jobs (like from the landing page), rather than the list of previously opened jobs like in Classic. Or am I missing something?

EDIT - Yup, I missed the screenshot where you mentioned that it’s a list from the landing page. Doh! Great idea to filter there, and use the dropdown. I still want my recents list back, though! :slight_smile:


@josecgomez Glad I could help. ALL: we still have more of these in our back pocket to show more.

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While the crumb dropdown is a nice feature if you have a few records selected, our AP person may have 50+ invoices for a shipping company for example. To move to the next record is easy at first, as you get more and more records, it takes longer to find the next record. In classic, there was a “Next” button to the right of the dropdown. Is there something similar in Kinetic? A keyboard shortcut would be even better!



Ctrl Alt H → Display Keyboard Shortcuts.

Not sure if it works as expected but… its there.


Doesn’t work.

jimmy fallon no GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Not even in the double secret probation version? :thinking:

Ctrl-RIghtArrow and Left currently have no behavior - in 2021.2 anyway.

Does that work for others on more current versions?

Not even.

Thanks for checking!

Epicor Idea or EpicCare? :thinking:

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I would say Care since it is showing as already supposed to work.


There is a Shortcut so I’mma call it a bug. EpicCare!
We’ll file one under CR which gets higher priority see where it goes.

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I’m guessing left is 17, and right is 16.


Doesn’t seem to do anything though.