Kinetic Web Browser - list issues

We are using the web browser with Kinetic and we have a few people when they open certian screens it does not populate the list of items.

For example when a user goes to part no parts show and when they try to search for a part it says not parts found.

Has anyone else seen this??

hmmm… I haven’t had this yet.

Welcome to the hell that is Epicor kinetic. Only affects some users right? These sporadic bugs are impossible to debug on your end. And support cannot help you. I wish I had a better answer but I am in the same boat.

@Engineer88 Do you see sporadic bugs like this in Client and Web Browser Kinetic screens? Do the Classic screens fair better or is it just this version of being buggy overall?

We didn’t start with classic but everything I’ve done in there has essentially been bug free. We were sold kinetic last year so it did not make sense to use classic just to switch into kinetic and retrain an entire company. But yes kinetic is bug city. I can’t spend more than 5 minutes in there without some bug requiring a browser refresh or switching to classic. Then I get complaints from users with issues that I don’t even see on my end. I get one off bugs that I can’t replicate as well. Oh well. Support has concluded maybe 45 of my support tickets with “it’ll be fixed in 2022.2”. Of which they now finally tell me I am getting the 10th of this month. I am not holding my breath.

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What are you on now? 2022.1.xx ?

I’m Saas so currently on 2022.1.11

ok we are on 2022.1.9 and just spoke with my boss about keeping up with the patches as there are so many bugs. any word on 2022.2.xx coming out?

2022.2.X Is entering preview release next week.

Usually program lasts about 4-6 weeks then it goes GOLD.

Hang in there :slight_smile:

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Looking forward to this week - seeing what is resolved with 2022.2

Kinetic user interface has had the longest Beta Program ever.
I have submitted at least the same number of cases as you have on issues that occur because of Kinetic.

One of the annoying issues is the White screen when you launch the program or a process and screen just turns white.
I have been told by support, "If this was an inherent problem with Kinetic, every customer would be reporting this type of behavior which is not the case."

I hope Kinetic is successful - maybe by 2025.

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Yeah I get that a lot, but only using Kinetic through the client and not the browser.

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Vantage 8.0 → Epicor 9 → E10 was a stretch too, and it’s well documented in the Yahoo Section.

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I was about to say, I feel like this is another run at a new system. 10 had its own slew of issues.

I think we are all in the trenches right now and feeling maximum pain as Epicor tries to perfect the product. It will get better I’m sure, but it’s never a fast paced program. I mean 10.2.500 seemed to be the strongest, most stable release of 10 IMO and that was super close to the last release 10.2.700.

If Kinetic is going to follow the same timeline to become all around “stable” (with some issues still… PCID comes to mind for 10) then we are a ways out, but I’m sure we will get there.


Sad for us but I am glad at least I am not the only one complaining to Epicor. I documented most bugs through videos so they can’t deny it, though they still try to pin it on something else. Perhaps my favorite bug so far is clicking on the data discovery icon bombs my browser and opens 60-90 tabs of data discovery!

Why do you guys think I dont post anything about Kinetic, or help in the Kinetic Section of this Forum… :slight_smile: I have enough headaches, not getting paid to fix or report their bugs – HINT: Make a bug bounty program :smiley:

Ill join the Kinetic Gold Rush in 2-5yrs :slight_smile:


Haso, are you cool with using the classic forms on Kinetic though?

Or are you sticking with 10 right now?

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We will be using the Classic Forms on Kinetic, for a while then we will do a Hybrid Release and eventually cut-over by 2025.

I know a guy who was a key player in improving an entire Epicor Module, he hasnt received a discount, a free license and the module obviously isn’t Open Source so… at what point do we say… the joke’s on you :slight_smile:

Hence why I stay away from Kinetic at this time. Let the Software Company do its thing, they have plenty of smart people and within time it will be good! (Entering a Bug Ticket costs you 2-8hrs of your time).

Even this forum has probably soften the load on Support by 50%. Id love to see Epicor send them a Hosting Check and Sponsor its hosting costs. My folks come to the forum first and 9/10 times they find the answer before going to support.


I have seen the white screen issue. Right now I close it and go back in to launch. It hasn’t been a huge issue YET. we have just started testing and I figured it was my connection but maybe not.

We’ve seen the white screen issue too. Usually on the first time opening a Kinetic ux module (in the client, 2021.2.8 on-prem). I just close and re-open the module. I used to let Epicor know, but unless something is repeatable, it’s a waste of my time to report the bugs. I hope internally they are seeing the same issues and troubleshooting it.

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