Kits not on Sales Order Backlog report

All -

We ran a sales order backlog report and compared it to a BAQ of OrderDtl open lines. They did not match and what we figured out is that orders for kits do not appear on the sales backlog report.

Does anyone know why this is or whether we have missed something somewhere? If we are shipping a bunch of kits next month, we want to know about it now, both operationally and from a revenue forecast perspective.

Has anyone run into this and is there a way around it? Is there a setting somewhere that will cause them to be included?



Hi @skhayatt did you ever find the answer to this?

No. But we really didn’t pursue it because we stopped kitting things (for reasons having nothing to do with this issue).

Does the open order report have an option for Purchased or Manufctured parts?

Because kits are a third type.

Also, are you sure the kits components don’t show up on the report?

Part Type is not a filter on the report.

The kit components might have been there, but I really don’t remember.