L33t H4Ck3Rs

Multi Step Process

  1. Open Website
  2. Login with my username and password that was given to me
  3. Hit F12
  4. H4Ck3R

boy oh boy

The replies to the tweet are amazing.:rofl:

This joke is he is actually trying to go and prosecute the reporter who disclosed this to them… like an idiot. Keep digging that hole Mike…

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What’s going on these days haha

I thought for sure that was going to be a Florida news story! Nope!

Apparently he cannot use google search or a dictionary either. That is NOT the true definition of a “hacker,” but hey why should he say anything remotely truthful in his tweets :smiley:

My reply was, “It’s like leaving the personnel files in the Capitol Lobby and prosecuting people for looking at them.” :man_facepalming:

I wonder if he will take Web Archive to court… for archiving it.


1337 spelled wrong bad thread