Label printer prints additional blank labels


While printing receiving tags I get an additional two blank labels for each one that I print. This happens while printing the canned MTL Rec Tag. I have set the printer paper size to 4x6 in various locations, and tried to shrink the data on the tag. The printer is set up both as a client and a server printer. The label printer is a Zebra GX420d, which is directly plugged into our network.

Any suggestions are welcome…

Hi @psiebers,

When you bring up the Material Receiving Tag Print Preview do you actually see two blank pages in the Print Preview? If so, then it has something to do with the report itself. (Too much blank space, Page Size setting, maybe a blank Subreport that is not suppressed?)

If you do not see blank pages in the Print Preview, then it is probably a Calibration problem on the Zebra printer and I would Re-calibrate the machine for the 4x6 labels. Maybe blow out the sensor on the machine with some canned air too cause if that sensor gets debris in it sometimes it can cause it to skip labels and shoot out blanks too.

Hope that helps you at least pinpoint where to look next,

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+1 for that. I’ve seen that with our printers here.

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Thanks for the suggestions; Print Preview does not show any pages prior to the label.I re-calibrated the printer; the issue is still there.

I do think I am looking in the right direction. Your feedback validated my thinking.


FWIW, (this probably doesn’t help you…) We have never had good luck trying to use SSRS reports and the label printers. It’s horrible. We push everything we possibly can to bartender because it works a lot better with the zebra printers and the labels are a lot easier to modify/create than SSRS reports.

Even the receiving tags, I have our receiver run the print preview to CSV and made a personal macro on the receiving computer to copy the file contents to a drop file to print them from bartender. It’s an extra couple steps, but we couldn’t get SSRS to print correctly.

Spiceworks had some interesting remarks of people with similar printers and problems. They were pointing to the built-in print server being buggy at best. Some good got results by using a add on print server to bypass the Zebra.

I am a good ways into setting it up and building an auto print routine in Epicor following the lab example. I did run into issues where Bartender couldn’t get to the bartender file (even though it had Domain Admins I’ll put my findings in a separate post.