Labor and Burden Hours on Operations

What is the best practice in keeping labor and burden hours separate? The goal is that through labor transactions processed in MES, setup activities are only capturing labor hours (no burden), and production activities are only capturing burden hours (no labor). I understand this can be done through a BPM, however wanted to confirm I am not missing a configuration field prior to going this route.

A common example is employee (ABC) with a production labor rate is setting up a machine (Heat Treat). This transaction would only capture the labor rate as defined in employee maintenance. After setup, the employee clocks into a production activity where the machine is running and the burden rate from the RG is only being used.

You just need to set up your rates correctly on the Resource Group/Resource. For the setup burden put $0 and for the production labor put $0.

Although, if it were me, I would do the following.

Put a labor rate in both setup and production. Leave burden rate empty for both. Mark the labor reporting on the operation as quantity only. Then at the end when a person reports the quantity it will automatically backflush the labor (technically burden) for the production operation.

Thank you for the reply John.
I understand inputting the rates as $0 in each costing field on the Resource Group. However, what I am looking to report is an accurate calculation of Labor and Burden hours.
When employees input their labor in MES, the time entry captures both Labor and Burden Hours. I understand costing will be $0 even with the burden hours referenced, however I want the transaction to only show a labor hour capture, and the burden hours to stay 0.

I can’t log into Epicor at the moment because our server has no power. Here are some places I would look at to see if the labor/burden hour ratio can be changed.

On a MOM/Job, look at the scheduled resources tab.
On an Operation, look to see if any of the fields on the resource can be changed.
There are the 3 check boxes on a RG. Burden = Labor, Split Burden, and something else. Check those.