Labor Burden not applied to time entries on Job

Hopefully someone has seen this before because it’s driving me crazy. We are on Epicor

We have occasional time entries that are applied to jobs that have no burden rate or cost. It’s not every time entry and can vary between Jobs as it’s frequency does not follow a pattern. What is strange is the Burden Rate is $0 but the Resource Group has a rate applied; so obviously that would cause the Cost to be $0 when no rate value is present. The only common factor I have seen, this is always from employees who clock time using MES, never occurs with users clocking from the desktop client. What’s odd is that this is seen more this first quarter than any time in the past 10 years, as reference, 0x in 2021, 3x in 2022, 70x in 2023, 113x in 2024. (Epicor’s way of saying time to upgrade?? :wink:)

Configuration wise: Costing Labor and Burden Rates are configured on the Resource Group, Burden Hours is set Burden=Labor and Resources are configured to use Resource Group Values. All employees are configured the same in Payroll, don’t think that has any bearing but thought I would mention. The employees this occurs with most are newer (less than 3 years) but occasionally employees with 10 plus years might exhibit this behavior. Over the past 2 years, this has been seen on 32 Jobs out of 382, from those 32 Jobs there have been 41 employees clocking time and only 7 workers have had this issue.

Couple of screenshots as examples:

Any suggestions would be appreciated plus getting accounting off my back would be good.

Tim Lester

@TimLester Welcome. Does the Job Operation have a labor and burden rate?

There are a couple of fixups I had in 9 that I would try, If JobOper.ProdBurRate is not equal to the resource group ProdBurRate then set it in a data directive.

I did the same on LaborDtl. Those routines are still in place in 11, but I have not turned them off to find out if there might still be an issue.

In terms of time to upgrade. Epicor 11 is a massive improvement over 9 and you can prep for the eventual jump to the new UX.

Thanks - long time viewer to the group.

The Resource Group is applied to the Job Operation under Scheduling Requirements.
In all cases the JobOper.ProdBurRate does equal the Resource Group.

I have determined it might be related to the computer being used to log time, not sure why, so we are running some test’s this week with different MES stations.

Yes we are overdue to upgrade . . . .

Tim Lester