Labor Detail - Extra 1 or 2 minute INDIRECT entry made every day for everyone who clocked in that day

Every day we get a labor transaction, marked as Indirect Time, clocked in at midnight, clocked out 0 or 1 minute later. This is happening for everyone who clocked in during the day regardless of shift/job/department/etc.

We’re thinking it’s automated somehow, because it’s happening for folks who aren’t even in the building at that time.

Anyone else seen or know what this is?
Seems I have a ghost in the machine…



This is something called CALC IDLE time. It is the sum of the time that hourly workers are clocked into the system but are not clocked on to an operation in a Job. It is confusing that the time starts at midnight, but once you understand what it is it is not too hard to understand.

Rick - thanks for that info. I found it about 10 minutes ago working with accounting and production (who asked about it). It seems that no one has been paying attention hard enough to question it, and I didn’t recall seeing it back in E9.