Labor Entry BPM question

Good morning,

I am trying to create a BPM in Time & Expense Entry and am running into an error. The BPM basically needs to be that when a specific Indirect Labor code is selected a UD field is required to not be null.

I have it set as follows but get a compilation error stating that LAND does not exist in this context. That is the four digit Indirect Labor code.

The ttLaborDtl.IndirectCode field has been changed from any to LAND
AND The ttLaborDtl.Allocation_c field of the changed row is equal to the null expression

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Can you print a screenshot of the BPM? If you change the BPM to only have one condition does it work.

Just trying to narrow things down.

The second line stating Allocation field = null works. I just can’t get the first line to work.

so if you remove the second line does it work?

Well I figured out what part of the issue was. I had tried putting LAND in single quotes and no quotes, but putting it into double quotes got me through the first error.

Now I just can’t get the BPM to actually fire. I have this as a pre-processing directive, is that correct?

Sounds good to me.

This is the updated pre-processing directive. It doesn’t show any errors, but I cannot get it to fire.

Hopefully I’m not telling you to suck eggs here, but what does the Trace show? If it shows that that method is firing then I would disable this bpm and create a new one with a message in it to and insert the values that you want to test into the message, just to check they are what you are expecting them to be, then move on from there, one condition at time.

Message boxes are your friend. Also, the row is the row added at that time? Or updated?