LaborHed - Updateable BAQ

I have a need to update the “TimeStatus” in LaborDtl table. Going to create a BAQ to update this field. Looking at the TimeStatus, there’s E and A. If a user type in a different value, will Epicor allow the update or will it not?

In this case… I would say, try it and the answer will present itself. You will get your question answered faster than anyone responding here and remembering it on top of their head. Good question by the way, i am not sure.


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Thanks. I haven’t build the Updateable BAQ yet and still awaiting approval from business to go ahead and make the BAQ. Just thought I ask in case someone had done it before where if there are predefined data, that Epicor will not allow save if it doesn’t met that criteria/required data. Will find out once I start playing with it.

I assume you have a Test Environment, just put something quick together 5min… just something really dummy stupid to update the column thats it :slight_smile: