LaborHrs not calculated

Has anyone seen before where labor hours do not calculate correctly. We use an indirect code for Break time and I have two records for today where the employee setup and resource setup are identical but for some reason labor hours were calculated on one but not the other. I’m not sure if employee or resource setup play a roll in it, but I wanted to at least rule out different configurations of each. See what I mean below.

Do you have breaks set up in your labor shifts? I know Epicor subtracts out break and lunch time from the Labor Hours when direct labor entries overlap them. It may do the same for indirect labor.

We don’t use the shift breaks in Epicor everyone get’s paid straight through so we decided to just make it an indirect to account for it. Both employees are setup for the same shift as well.

We utilize ID Codes for a bunch of activities and we seem to have trouble with hour calcs when crossing the ‘midnight’ line. It’s only happened a few times, but one was on the order of 37 hrs. I can’t seem to find any regularly occurring issue or reason for it, so I’ve not been able to find a solution either… wish I could be more help, but I’meager to see if you find anything specific.

Yeah I know midnight can cause some issues for sure, unfortunately in this case these two labor records were both today late morning. Out of the entire day I have many breaks that contain hours and many that don’t. Even in this case noted below same user, same resource, same date, just different break times one calculated the other didn’t.

Also just to close the loop on it these are not recorded as “Downtime” those don’t calc labor hours (annoyingly)

It’s happening to setup records too. Super

When Employee 1 clocked into the indirect, was he/she also clocked into a job at the same time? What about #2?



By god you might have hit the mark there. I never even made that connection that explains why Downtime doesn’t get LaborHrs too because it’s during a production record that they create that record.

Thanks @CTCharlie - I need to take a look at that too!!

I may be old and retired but I do have my days.

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