Lack of Response

Steve, be very careful of what you ask for, because you just may get it.
The purpose of this list is for helping. It serves no good purpose to
further accentuate the fact that Epicor and the users view the product from
two completely different perspectives.

There is a presence of Epicor folks, and from what I've seen, they do
contribute. It would not be beneficial to anyone for Epicor folks to
voluntarily or mandatorily un subscribe to this list.

There is a Vantage customer support line and there are Epicor staff assigned
to spending their careers addressing those help issues. And they do. Other
staff have their functions that they are to address. We are all best at
what our specialty in life is and generally spend the bulk of our time in
that capacity (supposedly what we are hired to do). It generally adds to
job security.

We are entitled to wish that Epicor folks would jump in more often to answer
questions directly - but then, maybe we should be asking the best Epicor
staff member the question directly also. Also, in the matter of giving
opinions, a staffer might find him/herself out of the company perspective in
offering up their own viewpoints. That carries its own penalty.

As users, we come up with creative ways to use the software and have
solutions we can share that are not just part of the basic training and
functionality of Vantage software. Hence, there is the main benefit of the
list. Vantage support is another valuable resource. E-groups and support
are vastly different resources-but both can get users answers.

We are always entitled to our opinions and wishes-but there are no promises
of getting them fulfilled.....

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What are we getting from this deal by letting them subscribe?? I've seen a
number of occasions where nobody in the user community knows the answer to a
question, and surely >>somebody<< at Epicor must know the answer and still
we are met with silence. They have a good resource and yet they give
nothing in return.

My opinion is that we need to get more active responses from the Epicor
members or remove them from the list.

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