Landed Cost - Unit cost is showing zero

I have a PO below (127401) package slips 88854

Extended TransValue = PoTransBase (Po line value ) + other indirect cost. For the partnumber 8820 and 8819 the PoTransBase has a value of zero, that why the Ext trans has a value of zero too.

Also the Unit Cost has a value of zero (blue below)

It is needed to change the POtransbase and unit cost to the correct value, how we do this ??

any help is appreciated


costs are calculated at the time of the receipt, based on info in the PO. So to change them you would need to

  1. Un-receive it (which you cannot do if an AP invoice has been applied against it)
  2. Correct the PO
  3. Re-receive it

Do you have any idea why this may happen ??
We have a lot of lines (PO) showing zero on unit costs ??

Most often happens when the buyer fails to enter a value during PO entry.

The cost on a PO will only be automatically filled in, if you are using supplier price lists.

Even if the part being purchased has Cost data, the cost will default to zero.