Landed cost

We are implementing Epicor and looking for ways to add the actual freight cost into the average lot costing.

I thought that adding a Misc charge to the PO Line level would impact the average lot cost once received but it does not seem to do that.

We do not have the landed cost module, but would look at this module if it did this function.

I do know of the Material Burden % feature and that is a possibility, but not an actual.



The landed cost module will allow you to add Indirect costs to the container. These can be any Misc charge you have defined so long as you check the box for “Landed Cost” and then define the disbursement method.

Once you have your Misc charges defined you can add them to Container Shipment Entry.

  1. Enter the Misc charge ID
  2. Enter an estimated cost if you will be receiving product into inventory before you receive the actual cost
  3. Enter the actual cost to disburse. If you have already received the product to inventory prior to getting the actual cost the difference will go to your variance account.
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OK, thanks. We would use the container shipment process also, but are really more interested in putting freight into the system as part of the actual average lot cost. We are getting a demo of the landed cost module to confirm how this works.

It should work for you. We use AVG costing (not Lot) and include freight and other misc charges that will then roll into the avg cost of the product. There is some additional set up to do on the part master to help with this. We use volume to disburse the cost but you can also choose from Value, Quantity, Weight or Manual.