Landing Page - Filter

Does anyone know why the Filter function does not work on the Landing Page?
This would be incredibly useful to have users quickly find the correct record.

In the Kinetic information, I found this:

This snip is a snip of the text from the link:

I don’t know why filtering on the grid view of the landing page is not allowed. Does anyone have any insight into why?

I can answer this one - we are using progressively loaded data on many new grids including those landing pages to improve performance on the web. What that means is we load down only part of the data to the browser as you scroll rather than loading it all down up front. When that is the case we have to do filtering, sum, group, etc on the backend and that’s a feature we have to develop for different types of services. The limitation is not really about landing pages specifically it’s about which services are being used for the data. We’ve done this so far for BAQ services but not yet for the remainder.

That feature is on the way so ultimately most of these will have the same features light up. In the mean time we turn it off automatically on the grids when they’re hooked to a backend service that we don’t yet have the backend filtering, etc hooked up for.

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