Launch 3 Querys in Dashboard with same input

Hi all!
I just created a Dashboard in which there are 3 querys that cycle between the closed orders and get the amount of each month.
The Querys have a parameter “@StartDate” with which they start.
The parameters is the same for all of the querys and I need everytime to reinsert it 3 times.
Is there a way to just insert one time the parameter and get all the querys to work with that?

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Have you tried using the Publish/Subscribe feature?

Sorry can you elaborate? Where is it this feature?

Check the help file. It explains it pretty well. Basically, your parent query will have a parameter, the other one(s) will filter (not parameter) off of the first one.

Yeah I don’t think it’s what I want.
When I press reload on the query I need to fill my parameter “@StartDate” to begin the 1st query. After that the dashboard requires me another “@StartDate” to start the second query and again for the third.
I wanted to be able to insert only one time the “@StartDate” for all of the querys.
Is this possible?

You have to change the query number 2 and 3 to not use parameters. Then you have to filter those with the pub sub. You will probably need to make another column in the 1st to hold the parameter so you have an actual date to filter with. But you don’t need to show it in the dashboard.

It is not possible to use all 3 with parameters and only input it one time (without calling the BAQ with code instead of built in dashboard functionality)

see this thread for more information about that.


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