Lead time (Days Out) and pricing on jobs for subcontract ops

We are trying to identify the exact way that E10 populates jobs from supplier price list when jobs are created.

We think it works in the following way, but are not sure, and the answer will affect our attempt to tighten up the data in Supplier Price List.

Job is created, routing copied from method.
If - supplier price list has a valid entry,
Then - job replaces “Days Out” and per piece pricing with data from Supplier Price List.
Else - job maintains values from method for “Days Out” and per piece pricing.

Is that correct? What happens when there is a supplier price list entry for the part number and the operation, but the dates are not valid? Does the system copy data from Supplier Price list under those conditions?

Thanks in advance, this is next to impossible for us to isolate.



Hi Gil,

We have had some questions regarding this process as well, which led me to conduct my own investigation regarding where the Subcontract ops get their info from.

From what I can see it depends on HOW you are adding Subcon ops to the job.

If you manually add a Subcontract operation to the Job it will automatically populate with the most current Supplier Price list information.

If you create a job and ‘Get Details’ to pull operations from the Master Method, then whatever information was added at that level gets pulled to the Job regardless of any changes that may have been made to the Supplier Price List.

When you add a Subcon op to the Master Method of a Part at that time it would pull the information directly from the Price list but it is then locked in and any changes made to the Price List will not be updated in the Master Method.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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It helps tremendously, Shea. This explains a lot of the confusion we are having determining why supplier price list entries don’t populate PO’s correctly.

Do you know how unfirm jobs (created by MRP) get their pricing information? Is it from the method, or supplier price list?

Thanks for the reply. Great information. Should you ever need help with constrained material, reach out to me directly.