Leap Day Troubles

So, today is Feb 29, and we apparently made a big mistake in setting up our Fiscal Calendar for period 2 to end on Feb 28. So, all our ‘end of month’ transactions today are posting to Feb 29 in Period 3. But, we haven’t closed or balanced Period 2.

We can’t change Period 2 end date because GL transactions in period 3 already exist.

Is there any way to get this under control? Can we undo Feb 29 GL postings, so we can fix our period 2 end date to Feb 29, and then repost the Feb 29 transactions to period 2?

As long as your earliest apply date is still in PD 2 you should be able to post there.

For wip recon run an unposted report tonight just for today and that will need to be entered as a reversing entry in PD 2.

Epicor KB0115172 says to delete all periods up to an including February. Then recreate Feb (and all the other months) with the correct dates. Then, run Verify Balances with Update Balances selected.
That sounds scary, but we did it and it seems to have worked.

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As crazy as it sounds you can delete fiscal periods all day every day.