Let's Encrypt Certificates vNext

Since Let’s Encrypt comes up here often for free certificates, I thought some folks may want to know about this milestone.


YES! Let’s Encrypt is eating the industry!! WOOT

And on the development side, Microsoft’s .Net Core 2.1 (coming this year) will actually create certificates during development so moving to Production SSL will be easier.

Mark W.

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Let’s Encrypt now issues more than half of all SSL certificates. We have a winner!



Hey @Bart_Elia, @Edge it wouldn’t be terribly difficult to embed some of this let’s encrypt mojo in admin console… So when you are setting up Epicor for SSL it can automatically go get itself a cert… if one doesn’t exist. #JustSaying #vNext


We have already done some scripting to do the lets encrypt aspects, there was some intenral discussion about surfacing this in Admin Console but I dont think we did it yet.


We did a POC doing Let’s Encrypt scripting for all the ISV sandboxes but found a single wildcard cert was easier to maintain for the dozens to hundreds of endpoints we needed to concern ourselves with (and a bit of internal standards we need to iron out).

Releasing more automation scripting is an ongoing topic due to the complexity of supporting it - combined with the fact that you automate yourself into blowing things up pretty fast (Try that at Azure scale and watch your credit card melt).

We want to do something, need to figure out best way to hand you a machine gun or small nuke and not have customers hurt themselves.