Licensed sessions limit - how to determine usage over time

Is there a way to monitor how many sessions are active over time ?
We are trying to determine if we are using most of our licenses during any given period or if we have too many.

How does licensing work exactly ?
I am pretty sure that licenses will become “inactive” if not in use for a period of time and that license becomes available for others to use, this continues on theoretically until the “active” sessions reach your licensed limit.
If that is true, we have never reached that licensed limit and I would like to know how close we come to that limit.


Hi Neil,

You can see that on the Epicor Administration Console under sessions.
or querying directly on the LicUser table.

select * from LicUser

You can see if a user is active or not by the color of the name icon or by the License column (In Use or Available)

For more information read the help.

Carlos Q

Hello Carlos,

Thanks for that info, it is useful but it doesn’t really help me determine how close I am coming to the limit without constantly watching the numbers.

It seems that I may need to do some querying of the database.

You would think that Epicor would have something like this but maybe they don’t want customers to reduce the number of licenses they pay for.


Yes, you will probably have to query it.

select MaxUsers from LicCnfg select * from LicUser

Maybe an scheduled SQL job that sends you an email…

Carlos Q

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In the same place you can go under licensing; right click on your active license then properties. You can see how many in use and available at any give time. Also limit your users to Allow one session

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I had this requirement too.

I am using Visual Cut to run a Crystal Report that exports the active users to an Access Database.
Active users are captured every 15 minutes.
Then I have another Crystal Report that I used to analyze usage over a period of time.

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this doesn’t work. Is that table in Epicor DB?

Probably need to query it from within SSMS.

How do you do that? didn’t you could run a query there

I’m kind of reluctant to tell you how - as you can do some serious damage from within SSMS.

Plus … a quick check of the DB’s and I don’t see tables named LicCnfg or LicUser.

wow, that a little condescending but OK. I guess I’ll have to check for myself. Thanks anyway

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Sorry… I wasn’t trying to be. Just being cautious.

But have at it…

  1. Open SSMS
  2. Connect to the DB (Server Type: Database Engine)
  3. Expand the tree on the left to DB you want. and select it.
  4. Select New Query from the toolbar
  5. Enter the query in the center pane
  6. Click Execute

And I always go into detail (and add picts) when explaining things. It’s not meant to imply you (or whomever I communication with) need hand holding. It’s just to reduce potential miscommunication.

I appreciate that but I thought he was referring to Epicor Admin Console. I didn’t think queries can be run in the Epicor Administration Console and that’s why I asked. I had already checked all tables in SQL and didn’t find it.

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Michel, do you have REST enabled? If you don’t have rest, try to query SELECT * from ice.sessionstate. The rest call gives more info. I don’t know what table they join to sessionstate to get that info though.

If you do have REST enabled run this in your web browser https://YOUREPICORAPPSEVER/YOURDATABASENAME/api/v1/Ice.BO.AdminSessionSvc/List

If you run that and save output as json file you can connect to it from excel and use the query editor to expand it into tables. I think the result set is a list of sessions I just don’t know the time period it looks at.

I tried to log the system DB hits and the SQL queries when I was in the admin console refreshing those views but I couldn’t make anything of the queries to help you out.

I do have REST.
Currently I am just doing it manually everyday. The idea is to track usage over time and compare the low/high

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right, I am thinking maybe you could run that request every 15 minutes or so and log the results.

Also, have you contact epicor for a tool? They might have one.

I did this in E10 using SSIS, details are at the bottom of this page.