Limiting characters of a vendor name

epicor 9.05.701

Task: I want to limit the number of characters for a vendor name to 17 or less.
Table/Field: Vendor.Name

BPM I’ve tried: Method Directive/Vendor.Update/Pre-Processing using “number of rows in the query is not less than 1”.

Issue: I think the syntax just needs fine tuning as it appears to be erroring on everyone even if its less than 17.

Let me be first … Why?

Isn’t there the strong possibility that two companies with similar names exist? Like
American Manufacturing Specialists
American Manufacturing Advisors

the first 17 chars of each are: American Manufact

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were limited to 17 because of bank upload payments…so they only allow 17 characters when processing.

Extended Properties Maintenance you can set the limit there with no code.;

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And limiting it on the upload export isn’t allowed?

But back on original question… Try trimming (via TRIM(), or RTRIM() ) the ttVendor.Name value before checking it’s length

Edit: Or try the much easier thing Jose suggested.

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Thank you gents…

Presumably its the “default format” x(50) bit that needs changing to 17 but i cannot edit it?

Top right the Format field you can change it X(17)

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thank you

this applies it to ALL companies (we have 4 subsidiaries)…is there anywhere to ensure it is just applied to one company?

Not this way… You’ll have tod o the same thing (but at the customization level)
IN customization -> Tools -> Wizard -> Extended Properties you can set ti there

Also and for what it’s worth the right approach here is to just take the first 17 characters when processing the record. And leaving the record as is.
Whatever program you are using to export the records should be where the change is made IMO.


Maybe there’s an issue with having duplicate names (the truncated first 17 chars) for different vendors in the upload.

If so, he can use a scheme I saw somewhere else, where you just use the first 15 chars, and add a ~n with n incrementing on each new “similar” vendor name. Like:

“AMERICAN MANUFA~1” for American Manufacturing Inc, and
“AMERICAN MANUFA~2” for American Manufacturing Specialties


I agree with you both…i will report back on this when i’ve spoken more to the user tomorrow.
Thank you both for your comments.

the good news is this wasn’t as bad…it was the “pay to name” in the vendor setup/bank/detail tab that needed to be restricted to 17 characters…so the actual vendor name remains intact.

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