Limiting files extensions for attachments

Hi All,
We’re running 10.2.600.28 and investigating the attachments functionality
We’ve got it up and running using some UNC path storage on a file server
Our concern is that users might be able to upload anything they want which isn’t how we want this to work
I’ve looked at attachment types maintenance and this seems to just talk about how the attachments are uploaded and to where - I would have though this is where we specify what file extensions are allowed (I’m a systems admin, not an ERP admin by trade, but learning)

Are we able to specify what file extensions are allowed to be uploaded using built in functionality, or would this require a BPM / directive to check the attachment type before it’s uploaded?

There is no such built-in functionality

It would probably be possible to create data directive on the attachment tables but it would fire after file upload to server storage

@gleach I have a a data directive on XFileRef that checks for a user attaching a file with a : in the attachment and throws an exception. This could be a place for you to check for an extension. You may be also able to manage from document type maintenance.