Link Job to PO

We’ve had some turnover in our purchasing department and we’re trying to figure out how to properly attach a Job to a PO. We have the PO set at Subcontract but it will not allow us to link the job properly.

Does anyone know the proper workflow or procedure for this?


Subcontract operations will link into a PO as a Subcontract line type. Material requirements on a Job will link into a PO connected to the Job as a Material line item type. Is this what you are referring too? Line items on a PO cannot be Other or Inventory and connect to a Job.

Ok, yes that makes sense. How do we create the Subcontract job properly?

Hi Mark,

Add a subcontract operation to a job by right clicking on operations and add subcontract. After that you can link a PO.


We’re having issues when doing this. When adding the job to the PO, we receive this error: Material/Operation is not on file or it has no pending purchase requirements.

Any thoughts?

Hi Mark,

Did you add it as “subcontract operation” per screenshot?