Link Project to Order Head - Feature Request

Our workflow goes from single Order (with multiple lines) to single Project. It would be make keeping Epicor accurate much easier if both the order and project are linked together, bidirectionally.

Currently, we attach the single project to every single line on the order. The project manager is assigned to the order (UD Field) and the NeedBy/ShipBy Dates are also set on the order (flowed to all the lines), and then the Project End date has to be set in Project Entry. Since the project managers live in Project Entry, that’s where they will make changes. But since the sales people live in Order Entry, and ShipBy Date drives manufacturing schedules, Order Entry has to be kept sync’d together.

With Epicor’s design of allowing separate projects for each line, it makes updating difficult, even though all lines have the same information as the order header, so it is a 1:1 relationship in this case.

Attaching a project to the Order Head(Project ID, syncing ProjectManager, and EndDate) would make the management much easier.

Would anyone else benefit from this? How could we make it better?

@askulte I think we do the same. You should post this in the Epicor Ideas portal and lets get some votes on it.

@bderuvo - I just added it:

Go and give it a +3 vote everyone! :wink: Please comment if you have suggestions or would benefit too… and quantify how it would help your company.