Linking between PartOpr and ECOOpr for active GroupID?

I need to update a bunch of comments in PartOpr via DMT. I have all of the fields needed in the template except the GroupID. How can I link PartOpr and ECOOpr to get the GroupID associated with the currently “live” PartOpr fields?

For instance, My part 123, opcode 12 has comments “test”. I need to update to “test and stuff”. My ECOOpr table has three entries for part 123, opcode 12… each with a different GroupID. I need a GroupID to make DMT run. How do I determine what one was used most recently?

(If I update using all GroupIDs, things get messed up because over time opcode 12 has shifted from oprseq 20 to 30, causing a major mess)

You do not need the group associated with the part. Create a new one or use any one that you currently have.

Vinay Kamboj

The DMT needs a GroupID for tracking purposes. It can be anything you want and it is not at all associated to PartOpr