Linking PO Number to Inventory/WIP Reconciliation entries

Hi all,

Finance are currently going through a very convoluted process involving many Excel tabs to try and identify what POs are linked to the entries in the Inventory/WIP Reconciliation report. They have asked if there’s a simpler solution that could be put into place. After discussing how amending the actual report would be quite tricky, they would be happy with a dashboard that contains all the relevant info, but I’m not sure how to best put this together. They are also only interested in entries for a specific account, the AP interim account after which when invoiced they come out and go to the relevant GL account.

I have started by putting together a BAQ from the PartTrans table that gives me all of the entries from the report, however it also gives me many more entries. I am guessing this is because the other entries are associated with other accounts, not the AP interim account, but I can’t figure out a way to filer out only entries for AP interim account.

Has anyone attempted something similar please and what was your approach?

Godspeed Dana. I am also trying to do the same, but instead of all transactions just the variance ones.

Here ia a baq that does that. I built it a long time ago and it will do any gl account. I use a dashboard to filter out the details. You will have to modify it to fit your GL segments and company calendar. It does take some training for accounting since the GL entry amount will be listed for each entry that makes up that summary in the wip recon.

Edit: The packing slip is on the wip recon and you could just make simple pack slip to PO dashboard from RcvDtl.

This would be for our AP Accrued accounts.

GL_Tracker.baq (69.0 KB)


This works an absolute treat, thank you so much Greg!