Linking PO Suggestion to Sales Order Vantage 8

We are on Vantage 8.03.408.

A team is looking at a potential improvement process to purchase items to stock rather than a job -- that way they reduce the number of jobs needing to be cut.

Kicker here is they still need to be able to reference the original sales order that created the po suggestion on the receiving label. "All" they need is the source column from the time phase screen.

The report is already ODBC so I can get at the raw tables. I am not able to find a link though (looked at PORel, PartTran, OrderDtl, PartDtl, TimePhas -- at best I can get either the order # or the PO # but no link between).

Has anyone done this - or does any one know if this is possible?

I appreciate the help!