Linking the Sale Order form to Job Entry through Dashboard or BPM

Hello, I am a new user to Epicor 10, and I’m looking for a bit of direction on how to go about creating a form that will add Co-parts, and another one for Jobs, to the Sales Order, without having to open multiple screens. We currently create our Jobs as a new line on the Sales Order and then go to the Job Entry Form and create a Make to Order Demand. For Co-parts, it is similar but we create a Make to Stock Demand. I am trying to create a “shortcut” form that allows us to open one window to do this same process. My line of thinking is to create a few updatable BAQs but I am not sure whether a dashboard or the BPM would be the better route. Has anyone found a fairly straightforward way to link these? Or anything similar that would give me a starting point?

Thank you for your help,

Epicor has this built in, under the Actions menu in Sales Order Entry there is a menu item called Order Job Wizard. Try that

The Job Wizard takes the lines and creates the jobs as make to order. We have other lines on the sales order that get made to stock. I’m looking for help on the BPM.

Have you considered running MRP, this will generate unfirm jobs for make to stock demands automatically.

I suppose if you want to do this without waiting for MRP you could add a button to the order release which then calls a function to create the job and the make to stock demand link.

If you want to tie a specific SO to a specific Job when it’s make to stock you can’t. The best you could do is run Multi-Level Pegging and use it’s generated demand links to recognize a “soft” link between a stock line and a job that MIGHT supply that line.

Thank you for getting back to me, I’ll look more into MRP.

There is a technical reference guide for MRP on EpicWeb that will help you understand how the process works