We just opened up a new feature on the eGroups web site. The feature is
called Links and it has the ability to list the names of third-party
consultants, developers, or utility vendors for Vantage.

As you may (or may not) be aware, a number of our members fall into this
category but we do not allow them to advertise their products or services
with email messages to the list. If they see a question from a list member
that they believe that they can help to solve, they must contact that member
off-list. We are very strict about this so that we do not end up being an
advertising forum rather than a community of users helping each other.

IF YOU WANT TO ADD AN ITEM TO THE LIST - send an email directly to me:
ssanders@... with your name, company name, web site URL,
and a one-sentence description of what you offer.

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A THIRD-PARTY (non-Epicor) VENDOR - go to or and select Vantage
and then Links.

Any questions about this feature should be directed to me off-list at

Steve Sanders
Vantage eGroups Moderator