Linq Queries

So i have several Set Argument/ variables in a post processing BPM and was wondering if there is an issue with that. Or would there be a better way to get data from other parts of the database like ud tables or the ship to table if they are not part of the Dataset ie sales order.

I think the only thing you’d want to do is make sure the LINQ query doesn’t have to pull whole tables in, in order to do some intermediate subquery. Search for the discussions on not linking a tt table in BPM’s query on here.

this is one of my examples

Db.UD07.Where( r =>r.Company == callContextClient.CurrentCompany && r.Key2 == CountryNumVar && r.Key3 == StateVar && r.ShortChar01 == SecIndustryVar && r.ShortChar03 == ProdCode && r.ShortChar04 == ZipVar).Select( r =>r.ShortChar02).FirstOrDefault().ToString()