List of Criteria in BAQ designer

Is it possible to put together a longer list of ‘or’ criteria in the BAQ designer somwhere? I see you can have it match an expression, and they have an ‘Or’ command in there, but I don’t know how to make it work. In this example I have 11 different things that I want to filter part numbers by, and it takes a long time to make each of the criteria in the list. It’s not that it can’t be done, it’s just tedious. There are a lot of cases where I am setting up a DMT and I only want certain jobs, or parts something that I have an electronic list of and I would like to format that list into a single statement and copy and paste it in. The copy past in the criteria grid doesn’t seem to work (maybe there is a trick to that?)

If anyone has any tricks for this, that would be great.

You could use the “IN” operator and use a constant list.


Are you on 10.1?

I don’t have that in my list :frowning:

I will look forward to that improvement though.

Correction I needed to look at the IN command. Awesome!!!

Thank you!

Is there any way to make that work with Begins with? I tried a *, but that didn’t work.