List of things to watch out for in implementation

Hi, since we are just starting the implementation phase of vantage in
our company, we are looking for some guidance about things that we
should take care of during implementation. We are a machining and
fabrication unit (mainly made to order) and want to know if anyone has
maintained a list or diary on how to handle different types of
situations within vantage. In addition to the common items like
creating an inquiry or sales order or scheduling jobs, we are trying to
come up with a list of unusual situations that are likely to come up
when running the software in practice. These would include things like
handling cancellation of jobs while in progress, changing resources
assigned to a job while job is in progress, unshipping orders (which
were marked as shipped correctly), and many more.

If anyone has such a diary that you can share, that would be a great
great help to us in the implementation phase. Looking forward to your