Little BAM assistance

Recently, I have seen some back and forth related to getting the .p
program to send an email. I have a situation which I need to run BAM
everytime a specific customer's product ships. Just to test the email,
I setup the following .p program, but cannot seem to get it to send the
email. My assumption here is ShipHead.ReadyToInvoice = True is the
shipped button from the shipment entry screen.

{I:\mfgsys61\ud\GlbAlert.i &TableName = "ShipHead"}

If (ShipHead.ReadyToInvoice = True) Then Do:

ASSIGN Email-Subject = "CUSTOMER Shipment"

ASSIGN Email-From = "GlobalAlerts@..."

ASSIGN Email-To = "bbutler@..."

ASSIGN Email-Text = "Customer Packing slip #" + String(ShipHead.PackNum)
+ " has Shipped "


Bruce Butler, IT Manager

Knappe & Koester, Inc. <>

18 Bradco Street

Keene, NH

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f. 603-355-2266


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