Load excel data into UD field?

Does anybody have any experience loading excel data into a UD field? I have die #'s that for years have only been documented in excel and noted in the comments section in Epicor. I would like to get them into their own field (associated with the part they create) so that I have more power to work with them. Do I need the DMT to achieve this and if so, do we pay an additional license fee to access?



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Dmt is your best bet. It’s pretty cheap and extremely useful

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@Aaron_Moreng is absolutely right… DMT is cheap and more useful than you can imagine if you don’t already use it.

Besides entering the data manually via screen customization (adding the UD field to the appropriate Part or PartMtl field or wherever it needs to live), you could probably create a grid customization and use Paste Update (or Paste Insert)… but the time it would take you to do those would probably end up costing more than the DMT licensing (which you’d be able to continue using).

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Thank you for your advice. I kind of toyed with the cut and paste function but I will make a case to the powers that be that the DMT would be a valuable purchase.

@Alice_Elizabeth, IMHO if the amount of records is about 100 or 200, then I would use the copy and Paste Insert/Paste Update. it is a one time drop. I assume that you are making a simple customization of the UD form to view your data anyways. After setting up the Extended Properties and hiding the fields you don’t need in the listview, then a Paste into the grid is simple. Just make sure all of the Key fields are in the grid, I think.

Even the idea of setting up a BPM to add the Create date and Created By fields on the GetNew method is quick.

Now, the DMT IS a valuable purchase. Again, just my humble opinion.

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