Loading certain jobs in Scheduling Board Classic causing UIException

I am getting and Ice.Lib.Framework.UIExcepion when trying to load certain jobs int “Job Scheduling Board Classic”. Not all jobs produce this error and I have no customizations on the form so this is all epicor, no added code from me. Any Ideas on this will be greatly appreciated.

You will need to share the exact full error message here.

This is what pops up when I search for a job and then double click it to load it into the grid.

Just curious, if you select 2 jobs does the error still occur?

Yes, but not all the time

It seems to happen more with jobs like 002850 that do not have any other character in them, jus numeric.

Still getting this error and it is causing my customization to not work, please help

What a previously thought the issue was is not the case.

This is a screenshot of the error message

It is looking for all the parent and child jobs of the job passed in.

It then checks each, if any dont meet these criteria below, it will fail:
JobClosed = false
JobComplete = false
JobEngineered = true

Sorry, I am new to epicor. What do you mean by parent and child jobs and how would I be able to tell the difference?

I don’t think that is the problem. I just selected this job
in job scheduling board classic and I still received the error even though it seems to meet all the criteria


Have you contacted support yet?

No, I have just been on here. How would I do that, I have never summited anything to support yet.

You will need an account here. EpicCare Login - EpicCare the videos on that page should explain what you need to do (I’ve never personally watched them) if they do not contact your CAM.

I see that error when your data is corrupt… if you run MRP and it dies, data corrupt… if you run PO Suggestions and it dies or some of your dates are missing, data corrupt.

It’s not an easy debug, you have to compare 1 good job vs 1 bad job and look at every column. Is it a subcontract job? does it have a valid operation… etc…

Plus you might want to download the latest patch and see if there is any reports in the Bug Fixes w/ Scheduling Board.

If you are doing Job to Job (Multi Jobs) is your demand setup properly etc… sounds to me its all data related.

If this is an issue of bad data, do you have any suggestions on what to look for or how to correct it?