Local copy database schema

is there any way we can get a sql script for the kinetic database schema because we want to create a local copy for the reporting purpose.



I don’t follow the question? You want to create an empty copy of the database structure of Epicor?

Hey Eddy,

I know you don’t want to hear this but I highly recommend @hkeric.wci’s advice. Learn the tools. This is a path that will lead to heartbreak eventually.

If you choose that path, @hkeric.wci has also done the work for you.

[ Download ] Epicor 10.2 & Kinetic .CHM Schema - ERP 10 - Epicor User Help Forum (epiusers.help)

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yes, just schema of the database will be fine and then i can use rest api to get the data and feed to the local database.



What you really want is the OpenAPI/Swagger definitions of the business objects for the API definitions.

If you go to:


You will find what you need. The help on ZendDesk is pretty good.

I take it you are cloud?

What is the business case for doing this?

There may be better options available.

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So… the REST API does some work on the data it returns. It’s not a one-to-one map of the database itself. Single REST methods do aggregation from multiple tables.

If you have the time and resources and stubborness to build a database around the REST structure and modify the database to match REST API changes over Epicor product updates, well, that’s the scope. Keep in mind that differential updates won’t work everywhere - records will change without updating a filterable sequence reference, which will apply an early and hard scaling limit where updating your reporting database will effectively DDOS your ERP.

Your best bet will likely be to request database backups from Epicor support. Not sure what the odds of success of getting that on a schedule is, but I’d be really surprised if they can’t provide backups. Lots of businesses need a point-in-time copy of data for various reasons.

thanks so much. it is clear for me. i will ask a database backup from epicor support.
I thought that way too.
another workaround is to create tables with core fields I need and use rest api to populate the data.



I’d still like to know why?

to ask a backup of database may need fee i think. nothing is free.

No, I mean why do you need this ?

My question above? What is the business use case?

Trying to help see if there are better options.

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Heed @Mark_Wonsil advice above and let @klincecum, etc help you find a better alternative.

Hello Klincecum,
it is for the reporting purpose. we can use the local copy to create a lot of reports.



But why? What I’m trying to say is there are probably better options.

Are you struggling with anything? Etc.

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