"Lock" in ERP.ResourceTimeUsed table

I am missing a lot of load values in the Resource Schedule Load Graph and the Site Schedule Load Graph. I ran a BAQ on the ResourceTimeUsed table that I know the load should come from and notice that all the load that does not appear in the graphs are flagged true for the field “Lock”. That is the only field that differentiates the jobs with load that do appear in the graph tables from those that do not.

The Data Dictionary says that the “Lock” field for that table is a yes/no format and “If yes this time is not available to be rescheduled”. I checked all the Jobs listed that have that field flagged in that table, and none of them are flagged Locked for either the schedule or quantity, so it doesn’t appear that they are linked.

Does anybody know what causes the “Lock” field to be flagged in the ResourceTimeUsed table? And/or if that is the reason the load isn’t included in the two graph tables?


I am not sure what causes the lock, perhaps it get’s set when the Job header schedule lock is enabled in Job Entry?

While I’m not sure this will help, here is a post from another topic the might be beneficial regarding various conversion programs I have used to clear up odd scheduling issues. However I strongly recommend that you work with Epicor Support on this and not run these conversion programs in your production environment without adequate testing in your Test environment.:


Thanks for your feedback Rick! I am currently working with Epicor Support on this. At this time, it’s still a mystery. Thank you again for the info!

  • Bruce

I think I am seeing the same, the job appears “Locked” (but it is not on job header), cannot reschedule individual operations.

I see there are maintenance programs but is anyone familiar with might be causing this and is there a table/field I can monitor to see when this happens?

It is a painful but not common occurrence that we are trying to understand the cause