Lock pricing in on a quote

We are dealing with an issue with pricing on a quote. We will send the quote out to a customer and then they may request a pricing change on one of the components of the quote. When our quoter goes to edit the quote, the pricing updates on all of the components in the quote (if they’ve changed). Is there a way to lock in the pricing except for the component pricing that needs to change?

Is anything else changing on the quote? Just the price, or qty’s too?

There is the ability to have discounts based on the order total. So changing a line that affects the total, may cause all the lines to be updated with new discounts applied. And even if there are no discounts, the process may start by fetching the unit price from the part or price list files.

If we change the ship to, all prices get reset to zero - because we don’t use price lists or set a price in the part master.

It’s typically just the price that is changing. The quantities stay the same. Sometimes the price master changes or the individual parts change price. When that happens and we requote it, it resets all prices.