Locking MultiResource Scheduling Board

Looking for help on restricting usage of the Lock/ Unlock Schedule for Multi resource Scheduling Board


Use “User Tracing” to discover the method being called and write a BPM to restrict that method to a certain Security Group.

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Devin - I am starting to use Multi-Resource scheduling board, and might like to reach out to you to discuss it’s effectiveness for you.

Might I do that?

Out of curiosity, couldn’t you just restrict users/groups altogether from the menu item or do they still need access to MultiResource Scheduling Board for other reasons?

They need access to view the item, we attempted to make a “View only” copy but it did not work as intended.

You could lock the jobs that you don’t want rescheduled…

yes, but anyone with access to view the board can unlock it. That’s the feature we are trying to restrict.

I see. Thanks for that explanation. I’m the only one scheduling, so I didn’t realize that, and I don’t reschedule locked jobs, because I am the one that locks them!

This way will work:

Create a security group (example: “Lock/UnLock Scheduling Board”)

Add the users who are ALLOWED to lock and unlock to the security group.

Create the BPM shown below (email alert optional):

Were you able to get this applied to your environment? I recently gotten a similar request to lock “Job Scheduling” from the Job Entry screen wanted to see if you could share your BPM logic.