Log an email to a quote?


Does anyone have any experience of information worker

Is it possible to log an incoming email from a customer that has a quote on epicor to log the email against it?

http://www.dotnetit.co.uk/solutions/solution/connectcx Epicors Plugin for Outlook, made by DotNetIT who also made DMT and was acquired by Epicor. Works quite well for that purpose.

so is this something different from Epicors information worker outlook add in?

Yes the Information Worker itself can’t log anything to my experience it was always just Readonly Stuff, quick access to Read Data.

ConnectCX is a plugin that adds additional actions to your toolbar and even will detect The From Email and try to match it to a Contact and a Quote, and log the email contents.

It was fairly inexpensive per User.

Just ping your CAM and ask for a demo or quote.

shame that it requires CRM to get this…