Log files - how to stop?

I am running ‘Calculate Global Scheduling Order’ process and have it set to Basic with no log file named and it is creating a ton of log files. How do I stop the log files being created?


Is there a log level “none”? If this works like MRP, the log file name you provide is really just a prefix.



It just created 5000 log files for me. :slight_smile:

My ham-fisted approach would be to see if there’s a BO method you can put a BPM on to delete them as they’re created.

If that fails, my even bigger hammer would be to write a Windows service to watch that directory for the creation of files with a certain prefix, and delete them. Just because I already have 95% of the code to do this.

Yeah I think next time I run it I will put in a name for the log file, then maybe it will only create one? We will see.

As far as I can see if you didn’t specify a log file name it shouldn’t be logging anything.

Are you sure there isn’t some other MRP related process that is creating these?