Log workstation on ClockIn and ClockOut


I am trying to write a BPM that stores the WorkStation (ComputerName) either into the LaborHed Table UD fields or write a log into a UDtable.

EmpBasic.ClockIn and EmpBasic.ClockOut seem to be the best Method Calls to work with, but there is no ttTables.

Do I need to do this in CustomCode or is there a way to write to the LaborHed or UD10 table using the BPM tools?

Thanks in advance for any advice,


@Cnelson Welcome. You have the employeeID and from there you just need the top1 descending laborhed to update. Session.ClientComputerName should hold the name. I don’t know about widgets, but in code this would be relatively simple.

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Thank you. I was able to store that a variable and utilize the tools within the BPM to write that info to a UD table.