Logging email communications

Moving from Netsuite into Epicor. One thing Netsuite did was keep a log of all email communications through the system for each contact. There was a tab to click where all email chains would be stored.

So far I have not found this feature in Epicor… The CRM seems extremely rudimentary compared to Netsuite. I haven’t found the ability to directly email a quote to a customer without posting the form report first, then there’s a generic email option… however none of the contacts for the customer I am quoting are available - I have to manually type them in…

Is Epicor CRM really this bad or am I just not educated in the system yet? If it is this bad, what CRM’s are people using because from what I’ve seen so far Epicor CRM just isn’t going to work for me. Salesforce? I hate to have to use another system and integrate it into Epicor, I’d really prefer to just use one system.



Hello Erik,

If you bring the expectations of what other CRMs do, then you are not wrong. You have hit the weakest link of Epicor CRM: tracking email communication. The truth is, tracking email communication is a difficult problem to solve for any ERP supplier - especially if one wants to remain email provider agnostic.

How did NetSuite deal with email communication? Did email originate in NetSuite and the only way to see it was within NetSuite? Or did it interface with a provider like Exchange or Google? How did it handle reply chains?

Epicor CRM falls short in soooooo many ways when compared to modern CRM systems, but if you need the bare minimum, Epicor CRM can be a good fit for those looking for very basic CRM.

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I think InfoWorker does some email sync with Epicor. We have it but never used. Maybe someone here with experience on that module can weigh in.

We had Infoworker. It is a VSTO plug-in so it’s not compatible with Outlook Online or Mobile. It was slow back then but maybe better now, not sure. VSTO plug-ins are being phased out in favor of the Office JS Library so I am not sure I would personally put too much effort into it.

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Hello Erik,

You may want to consider two separate Extended Solutions from Epicor, presuming that they are still available to license:

  1. Connect CX
  2. CRM Lead Management

I have never used either of them, so I cannot offer you any opinion. HTH!

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