Logging machine downtime for OEE (Vantage 6.10.542)

I'm trying to duplicate in Vantage a TS-16949 requirement we are now
doing in a series of disconnected spreadsheets with a great amount of
duplicate effort.

Basically, we are tracking Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by
capturing all machine downtime (by reason), piece part production, and

It's manually recorded on lots of paper and then entered daily into a
complex spreadsheet for each workcenter/machine. That produces some
fancy graphs and spreadsheets that are used to determine root causes of
downtime, etc..

The way they do it now shows capacity, etc. in PIECES which does not
make sense except for those workcenters (very few) that have the same
running rate no matter what part is running. I'd like to summarize
workcenter OEE in HOURS(Planned, Actual, Earned). That means I guess
that somewhere I calculate scrap / nonconforming as earned hours of
downtime but that doesn't bother me.

If I want to look at any particular PART by itself through any
particular process step then the pieces instead of hours thing is fine
for that so once I figure out how to capture the data it should just be
a matter of developing a report or export.

I already figured out how to report multiple scrap quantities and codes
in data collection and/or labor entry but the downtime thing has me
stumped. If an operator experiences planned or other downtime off and
on during the shift I can summarize all the 'coil change' downtime and
report the total or report it as it happens.

However, I also want to capture the more extended downtime
like 'waiting for machine repair' or something else where the machine
operator will be doing something else productive rather than just
charge 3 or 4 hours to downtime.

Anybody either doing something similar or have any ideas how to capture
the downtime data?