Logging options? job entry --> actions --> schedule --> job scheduling

Wondering if schedule details are logged when a job is scheduled via job entry?
–> actions --> schedule --> job scheduling

Currently, when I need to see more details about the scheduling decisions…
at a site that does not use MRP or Global Scheduling.
I might copy LIVE to TEST, so I can run MRP/GlobalSched and generate logs.
This works for the most part but… thinking there might be something easier I’m not aware of?

BPM Changelog.

Thanks, ChangeLog helps for some things.

What I would be more interested in would be something like the logging options available when running MRP or Global Scheduling. When scheduling from job entry, I haven’t been able to find any logs… guessing they just don’t exist.

@bordway in my version the file is in my EpicorData\Companies\YourCompany\Log\YourUser\ directory on the server.

You can also get them from the Server File Download Utility in E10 under the Companies choice.

Per the KB it is a setting in Company Configuration. Producton\Job Tab Scheduling options are at the bottom.

It looks similar to the MRP log.


Login in to EpicCare first for this link to work

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Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for.