Looking for advice on using E10 to scan pallets that are being staged/loaded onto trucks


I am new to E10 and am looking for advice on how to use E10 to scan pallets of finished goods that are being staged and loaded onto trucks.


Hello Adam, welcome.
Have you looked into Bartender and hand-held bar code scanners? That is an additional module and extra material costs. But it is basically built for what you bring up.
Contact your CAM.

Thank you Ben. We don’t have Bartender, but use scanners in other areas of our warehouse. Is it possible to use scanners for shipping without purchasing an additional module?

2D and 3D code scanners are just input devices, similar to a mouse.
You absolutely can use those scanners to enter data on custom or standard Epicor screens, if setup properly.
My company uses 2d scanners with a custom interface to choose raw material to issue to Jobs. The trick is that we have to have a computer at each of those locations, to utilize the scanner as an input device. The same screens can use the scanners or mouse clicks to accomplish the same material issue.

Adam, what is the flow you are hoping to achieve? Are you talking about creating a pack or are you talking about loading a truck and shipping it?

Hi Taylor,

We are trying to make sure that we are loading the correct packs (pallets) onto the correct trailers. We currently use a process of writing down on paper what pack numbers (pallets) are supposed to be loaded onto a truck and this is used by our fork lift drivers. This can lead to errors such as loading the incorrect pallets or leaving some pallets off. I am trying to find a way/process to keep better track of the pallets that are supposed to be loaded. A scanning system seems like something that will help our fork lift drivers. I am not sure where to begin to achieve this.

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There is some good information for you in this thread:

We use fulfillment workbench to release orders to ship, then pick through EMWW handheld scanners. Once picked, the shipping team creates the pack from Actions - View picked orders. The entire pack is created from this process.

We also use the Pack Out function. We use PCID functionality where each pallet has a pcid barcode label. We can scan each PCID into the pack out screen and the parts are added to the pack. Pack out would work with a part number barcode as well, you would need to know which bin it came from.

PCID is awesome and horrifying at the same time. Read up on the functionality, it may be useful. I love it for FG going out the door.


Adam, I have been trying to come up with something to aid us in that process as well.

Would you mind contacting me directly? Maybe we can help each other figure out a solution. My email address is achism@rev-a-shelf.com.

Hi Brain,
We’re doing more or less the same thing, FFWB to PCID Picks, then scan the PCID into the Pack.
Works well with EMWW, and also well for dynamic and static PCIDs, so tubs or lend pallets can be reused.
Except we are having regular issues with stranded PCIDs, like partbn records locked up against PCIDs that have been shipped. Very ugly as it can’t be resolved through the front end.
Interested to know if you have similar issues??? I’ve been trying to replicate it for ages with no luck, my suspicion is glitch in EMWW but no proof…
Sounds familiar?

We have similar issues with PCIDs where the package item table does not match the part bin table record. I think we have a similar solution to the problem because the front end cant fix it. Thankfully its rare.
I will take better notes the next time it happens and reach out to compare notes.

Yes very common where 1 table says one thing and the other table says another. We just scrapped our current PCID’s and printed a fresh batch higher up in the numbering.

Hello Everyone,

We are still trying to implement scanning on our dock. Has anyone been able to successfully scan packs while loading a truck to make sure nothing is missed?


There is no easy button for this. As @bderuvo and @Wunschi use Fulfillment Workbench. We don’t use PCID but do use Staging lane in Epicor for each truck and a dedicated physical spot in our shipping area that corresponds to the stage in Epicor.

@achism if you’re using the Epicor handhelds, you can trying multifield barcodes. Perhaps you can get part/qty/from bin to scan into the screen.