Looking for Data Dictionary

I am looking for a data dictionary for Vista. We are having to convert, in-house, from Vista to Epicor 10.

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You can generate the Data Dictionary for V8 in PET (Progress Explorer Tool). Assuming you have a Progress DB.

The subsidiary that i have to convert is on Vista 4, Fox Pro database.

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We were on Vista 4, then jumped to 8.03 on 2007. Then jumped to E10.1 in 2016.

I’d suggest setting up E10 how you want to use it going forward. Then seed it with select info from V4. Things like Parts, Customers, etc… You’ll lose all the historical stuff, but that’s not as bad as you might think.

Make sure you have the DMT tool, as it will be a life saver. It’ll allow you to upload excel files right into E10, and it maintains all the data integrity.

You might be able to find an ODBC driver for FoxPro, which you could then use to pull data from the Foxpro tables, right into excel files. Do this for each FoxPro table (.FPT file, I think) and you’d have everything you’d need to seed E10.

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Our main company is on Epicor 10.2.500.2, we have to move the sub to Epicor from Vista 4.

The plan is to move just customers, part master, vendors, setup new chart of accounts, move open jobs and orders, everything else will remain in Vista for historical purposes. I have the DMT, have used it before when I moved a sub using Sage to Epicor 9. I was hoping to find some information on the tables I will be moving in order to create the inputs to the DMT. The sub gave me a data dictionary for Vista 2.50, barely resembles Vista 4.

You should be able to print the V4 data dictionary. Put it into a PDF for easier reference and faster lookups.


I have a PDF from 4.41.038 if you need it.

Email me and I can send it to you.


Email jbrantley@thermalstructures.com

Please send it to me too , it@stratum.com.do