Looking for Freight (TMS) Epicor Integration options... any suggestions?

Hello All,

We are looking to implement a solution that allows us to get rates, book shipments, and return tracking for freight carriers. Ideally this would write back and post as a miscellaneous shipping charge as well as write the tracking back.

Is anyone using something now that allows them to do this with any number of freight carriers and has been doing so successfully for a while?

I know there is Epicor Manifest… I need to check up on that again, it has been a while. I recall it being limited to FEDex and USPS or UPS out of the box with some flexibility to add in 3rd party LTL or other carriers, but you would be in charge of uploading the rate tables, etc for those that are not included out of the box…

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.



I would take a look at QuickShip (new name). It will handle all your requirements and then some.

We’re currently looking into ShipStation

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Isn’t quickship just like a stripped down version of Manifest?

No, it has replaced Manifest going forward. There are different versions like Express, Premier, and then carriers are an option.

I see. I wonder if their pricing is less insane now too.

@KPreda ShipStation looks affordable, I’ll be interested in how it works out for you.

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I have used Manifest and now we use QuickShip.


I think that answer depends on how fully you can use the functionality. If you can fully use Fedex,UPS, LTL, have international shipping, and like rates with delivery estimates. You might really find it easier to justify the cost.

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I will look into it again.

Thanks Haso.

Did you have to customize it much?

What did you gain from switching to QuickShip?

Interesting. Are you going to build the integration with Epicor, do you plan to integrate it with Epicor?

For now we’re looking to use DMT to import the orders and export the shipments before we decide to go all in with integration. For now we’re looking to see if there’s any advantage to shipping ‘outside’ of Epicor versus using Manifest (we’ve been using it for years).


We’re on an older version of Manifest, and do tons (bah dump!) of LTL and TL shipping. It’s worked pretty well (without rate shopping).

Haven’t gone live with Quick Ship Pro yet, since there’s an bug with LTL shipment labels that we’ve been trying to get fixed for months now… As soon as that’s fixed, we’re planning to upgrade.

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What is the bug? I am asking for a demo of quick ship. I would like to bring it up in the demo to see if they are aware of it.

I’m pretty much done with QuickShip. We’ve decided to move over to Mercury Gate so we can get real time freight quotes at the Sales Order Entry level, for freight charges, and be able to get tracking and show a shipment status in real time to our customers via our web portal. There’s a whole lot more features, but QuickShip falls way to short for what we’re doing in shipping.

The reporting aspect in Mercury Gate is much more comprehensive as you can adjust the shipping routes by carrier and optimize loads per truck. We also take advantage of hubs for partial orders when we need to send out orders complete. This isn’t just a money saving venture, it’s become quite a cash center for our business.

Cool. Does that have integration with Epicor or are you custom building something?

@Jonathan_Lang I also would like to know if you are building something custom to integrate it with Epicor.

Labels don’t get generated when the shipment is shipped and shipvia is one of our LTL carriers. Works fine for regular FedEx Parcel… Our EpiCare case has been open since August.

@Jonathan_Lang - Are you on Mercury Gate now? How was the migration from Manifest/QuickShip? Similar cost? Anything features lost or extra work for the shippers? Maybe we’ll take a look.

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